We offer an extensive range of aftermarket parts that fit Cleaver-Brooks boilers. We stock gaskets kits, electrodes, diffusers, burner housings, refractory tiles, oil nozzles, rear & inner door repair kits, refractory patch, relief valves, and more! The quality of the products shown below are compatible aftermarket replacement parts for Cleaver Brooks boilers. Aftermarket parts are “will-fit” parts which are compatible with equipment produced by the original manufacturer, but are parts which have not been manufactured, authorized, or endorsed by the original manufacturer.



Actuators, Air Compressors, Amplifiers, Aquastats, Baffles, Blowdown Valves, Blower Motors, Burner Drawers, Burner Housings, Butterfly Valves, Cams, Castable Refractory, Chassis (Honeywell, Fireye, Siemens), Check Valves, Dampers, Diffusers, Electrodes, Feedwater Valves, Fireside Gasket Kits, Fuel Oil Controllers, Gas Pilots, Gas Valves, Gauge Glass Sets, Gauges, Handhole Gaskets, Head Gaskets, Inner Door Kits, Low-Water Cut-Offs, Manhole Gaskets, Metering Valves, Mod Motors, Oil Guns, Oil Nozzle Tip & Swirlers, Paint, Pressure Controls, Rear Door Kits, Regulators, Relief Valves, Rope Gaskets, Scanners, Sight Glass, Transformers, Try-cocks, Tube Cleaning Brushes, Water Columns, Water Level Glass, Waterside Gasket Kits

Waterside Gasket Kits - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers Fireside Gasket Kits - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers Cam Assemblies - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers Refractory Tiles - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers Spider Diffusers - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers Electrodes - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers

Throat & Liner Tiles


Waterside Gasket Kits

Fireside Gasket Kits


Cam Assemblies

Gas & Oil Stems - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers


Sight Glass Cap Assembly - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers

Misc Parts

Bolts & Nuts - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers

Bolts & Nuts

Handhole Parts - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers

Handhole Parts

Diffusers - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers


Oil System Repair Parts - Fits Cleaver Brooks Boilers

Oil System Parts


Aftermarket Boiler Parts is not an authorized sales representative of Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. or related to Cleaver-Brooks in any way, nor does Aftermarket Boiler Parts provide or manufacture any genuine, authorized or OEM Cleaver-Brooks replacement parts. Any aftermarket replacement parts for boilers sold or provided by Aftermarket Boiler Parts are manufactured by or on behalf of Aftermarket Boiler Parts and not Cleaver-Brooks. Cleaver-Brooks® is a registered trademarked owned by Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

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